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 Dog House Kids!

Since opening we have had a countless number of dogs that have crossed our paths needing help one way or another. We have had dogs tied to our dumpster, clients who could no longer care for their fur-kids, clients who have passed away while we were watching their fur-kids, clients who have passed and the family had no one else to ask for help but us, rescues beg and dump kids on us, strays, you name it weve been there.

Few of you know almost all of our profits go to support a crew of fur-kids knows as the Dog House Kids or I like to call them the "Freeloaders". I Love caring for dogs, if could save every dog in the world i would. God has given me the space and ability to care for his best friends and I use all that i can to help the fur-kids who come our way. Vet Bills, Dog Food, Dog Treats, Monthly Supplements and Supplies and medications come with everyone. Some of the kids will forever call Paw Paw’s home, others can be adopted to the perfect home willing to give these misfits a shot at having a FAMILY to please. The bigger, younger, more playful kids stay at Paw Paw's in Cabins we have had built for them while the smaller, older kids are moved to my personal home where they get a lot more nap times.

In late 2015 I decided to invest our savings in building beautiful large dog houses for the Dog House kids so they can have a room that never changes and that they never have to share (providing a stable foundation for misplaced dogs is very important) the contractor ran off with nearly $8,000 and gave us no buildings. Our Family and Friends came out in a rally of support along with Channel 11 News to help us out. We have 4 Dog Houses constructed but none complete at the moment. With at least 6 new retiree intakes since the project began, funds have been redirected to vet bills. Now everyone is standing on good legs and chewing with good teeth or no teeth, I need to get back on the cabins before the Dog House gets busy and I have no room to put our “freeloaders”

All of the fur-kids we have are in need of 1 very important thing, ATTENTION. These kids need someone to spend time with, 1 on 1. They need out of the shop and into a home where they can be with people and get to watch TV on the couch. Weekend babysitters would help us soooo much.

Besides funds for supplies and vet bills, we love old dog beds, comforters, sheets, blankets, dog toys, towels, collars and leashes are greatly appreciated.

All of our kids are fed FROMM dog food products, eat premium grain free dog treats and are all cared for by Bridgeport Animal Hospital and our Holisitc vet at Paw Wellness in Fort worth.

Scroll our list of babies and know and be happy knowing what your hard earned money goes to do! Know you help me to help others and we all thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

(not everyone who has crossed our path is listed, this list took me 6 months to publish and i cried through most of it! lol)

Zeus 13 year old Weim - My very first dog! lol I thought he was pretty..... don't buy a dog b/c it's pretty lol If i had doggy daycare when i had him, oh man it would have been a life saver! Zeus always got us kicked out of dog parks, picked on the dogs that didn't want to play, he has gotten his butt kicked so many times and cost me so much money in his younger years.... Zeus is now mostly deaf (he used to just play deaf but now it's real) his vision isn't as great and well, he isn't any more or less cordinated then he has ever been! I am convinced he will live forever! 

Apollo 8 yr old Catahoula leaperd dog- I rescued him 6 years ago from an apartment complex that found him being beat up by school kids. He is the absolute most intuned kid i have. He is an amazing kid, over the years he has gotten tired of this life of sharing with all the strangers and is now Pumpkin's kennel partner. I have always felt he was ment to take care of someone, service the needy, I really wanted him for my Paw Paw but in Paw Paw's older age i don't feel like he can care for Apollo like he should. He's such an amazing kid..... it breaks my mom heart that he isn't in bed with me like he was for the first 4 years of our life. 

Little Momma 9 yr heeler mix- I got Lil Mom when i opened the first Paw Paw's in Mansfield. I asked a rescue for a few dogs to help me get the new shop up and running..... i coudn't let her go after that. Lil Mom, being a heeler it's no surprise, ismy pit bull fighter! She will try to take on any dog that can destroy her! lol and if you met her you would never think it. She whines when she is nervous, she sets her self in corners lays in dark hallways and faces the wall lol she is a weird dog none the less we love her and her strange ways we just have to keep her from trying to take on the Pitbulls!

Toby 9 yr old terrier mix - He was a client at first the dad got dumped this dog and an infant child..... He tried jugeling both but it was too much and Toby was peeing on all his stuff so I took the dog, he kept the kid. Toby i call my little Ass Hole. He is selective of who he likes. He struts like a little buff guy. His first day with me he bite my face lol now he is my husbands golden child and can do no wrong!

Calloway 8 yr shorty Jack Russell- I found this hooker when i first opened the mansfield Paw Paw's.I was house sitting for a friend way up in north arlington, made a wrong turn and saw her running the railroad tracks on Calloways Cemetary Rd.I opened my car door she jumped right in. I found her mom months later and found out she always runs away from home b/c the toodler child at home would leave the door open and she would take off. Mom said she would always come back if no one would pick her up but she would get in the car with anyone. She made it from Dallas to masfield, mom didn't want her back lol she is perfect for us :) Short and sassy! 

Pumpkin 7 yr old pittie - She's got a good story, A client at the time found her as a stray at a school and didn't realize until weeks later she was prenant. The home that was 'fostering' her had to go out of town for Thanksgiving so of course i will babysit.... well don't you know she had like 11 puppies over Thanksgiving and they never came back for her. She was also heartworm positive. We found homes for all the pups and treated her heartworms. I am very pertective of this girl b/c i know in theis world we live in if she was to get into any trouble I wouldn't be able to save her. I never looked hard to rehome her after my efforts with the pups b/c  i was scared someone wouldn't understand her and hurt her. She is a lover, a hugger, she is my sweet girl and Apollo's Kennel partner. They are best friends

Baby Doobie 2 yr old Junk Yard Chi- I found baby Doob along Mansfield Hwy in the grass. I always look for dead dogs along that road and thought when i seen him it was like a baby rabbit or squirl lol no.... weighing like 11 oz at the time he has grown to be the largest Chi we have and i swear he lived his first few weeks on anti freeze and battery acid lol this kid is nuts, always making us laugh

Itsy 10 yr old Chi- Our smallest kiddo at 3.5lbs we rescued from Arlington shelter along with 2 other girls December 2015. She was deemed unadoptable because she was a biter.... I seen her she snapped at the shelter staff, they handed her to me in a blanket lol She was in jail b/c her dad went to prison and the dogs went into protective custody at the shelter for 30 days! day 31 we were there to bail them out. Itsy had most of her teeth pulled out, has cleft pallet in the back of her mouth which should have killed her as a pup.... she is alive and well, makes funny noises but loves to get dressed up and loves motorcycle rides. She also loves my moms coffee and sniffing my moms cigarettes lol we say she was a stripper in her past life! She is a spoiled brat now, more clothes then you and I

Ella 10 yr old Rat Terrier- awww my El Bell. She was one of the girls we adopted in December 2015. She was deemed unadoptable because she had multiple mammery tummors and a herniated embibical cord. This girl only weighing like 7lbs has never been held, she has no clue how to be held. She is one of a kind... she hates as much as she loves, she loooves me and she hates Zeus lol she is a little crazy but that is what makes her great. She can get so mad that i have to pick her up with a blanket and put her in her crate, this is like 1 x every 4 months. Ella has had some serious surgery with us, all her mamery tumors removed, herniated embibical cord ruptured so it was removed and was spayed and later a mass came up in her bottom. Uncle Bill (thats what we call our vet in Bridgport) removed it, he said she didn't handle the anestetics very well so he woke her up before he could clean her teeth. Of all the operations he seemed most concerned about that mass, he said it was ugly and wouldn't be surprised if she lost control of her bowel movements. It's come back but everything is working normally with her, she is healthy otherwise we've decided to leave it alone.....

Knucklehead 2yr old Dane Mix - OMG this dog is awesome and that is why i have had such a hard time parting with him. That and he is alpha and isn't scared of no other dog. His original name when i picked him up from grandpa was Dammit. Because damnit i didn't need another dog lol but i couldn't have my 6 year old niece saying oooh i love you Dammit so Knucklehead it was.. He rides in the sidecar of my husbands knuckle head motorcycle. I love how this dog is so eager to please. He looks at me like only Apollo does. He is a young Apollo and wouldn't ya know it, they HATE each other. They are so similar. I have had knuckle since he was like 6 months old, my grandpa found him and in the condition he was found we decided he wasn't going back where ever he came from. The other reason I love this boy sooo much is because my greatest Great Dane Brutis Loved this kid, Brut would play with him, Brut was always to dignified to play with anyone (he liked to kick Zeus's butt in their younger days) I never seen Brut take to a dog like he did Knuckle, There is something absolutely special about this kid, dogs never lie. Knucklehead and Ana are Kennel Partners

Ana 2 yr old Great Dane - A friend bought this dog as a pup and i knew when she did it was a big mistake. This girl would eat her expensive shoes, crap on her expensive bags.So i told her when she was a pup, when you are done with this dog call me (I love great danes) I would love to have her..... she called me 2 weeks after i got knucklehead. They are greata for each other and since knuckle is particular about who he likes, i wont let someone adopt her with out him, I can't let him be alone. This girl is all about playing. They play so rough that she broke her pelvis! For real! That was $$$ to diagnose.Nofix other then bedrest..... that was fun. But she has since healed back to her beautiful crazy self

Charlie 10yr old lab mix & Elmo 6 yr old Mutt- These kids are my husbands fault. I made the mistake of taking him to arlington shelter nov 2015 and we walked out with these 2. He picked Elmo because he was howlinng andhe thought he would make a great addition to his little dog chior (my husband and the dogs sing together) We did a DNA panel on Elmo and he is 1/2 chiuhahua, 1/4 jack russell and 1/4 heeler lol We got charlie b/c my man asked who would be least likly to get adopted and i told him an old black dog or pit.... so here is our old black dog and boy we get why he was at the shelter 4x before we saved him! He got lucky to hae had a home like ours to deal with his strange ways. I had blood work done on him b/c he's kinda off and he is in early stages of kidney failure so he is on a home made diet to help his kidneys :)

Red 10 yr old Chi- awww Red Dog, we adopted him in Feb 2016. from Dallas animal serrvices. He had serious heart issues and passed away in July. He was such a sweet and good dog. I will never understand how these old dogs are just abandonded like they are.

Pablo 7yr old Chi- Oh Pablo! We adopted him in July 2016 from Mansfield. Considered unadoptable because he needed a penis reduction.... yeah swear. So we got that fixed and he is such a lover and so clingy i knew for sure i could find him a home... and i did but before he could go do his home visit he started having seizures..... then they discovered a 5/6 heart murmur and well heart problems and seizures don't usually spell out a long life so he is happily retiring with us :) 

Abby 8 yr old lab Available1- Abby was a client while her momma was reciving Chemo treatments. Abby's mom passed away and the dad was later sent to a senior home where he could take his sweet girl. This oldman showed up to my door with all her stuff packed so nice and neat and he wrote her the saddest sweetest note.

"Dear Abby, I am sorry for the conditions we hae both been delt. You took care of my love Nora when she was alive and then kept me alive when Nora left us. You became my girl and you are a good girl Abby. I will always love you" 

This was a hard one for me. I kept Abby for years, calling her my Karma dog. I had to take care and love her if i wanted that in return if anything happened to me..... Abby was a lucky girl and found a home helping another elderly lady who loves her to death, gives her reason to wake up in the morning the new momma says.....

LuLu 12 yr old Shihtzu- we rescued LuLu in July 2016. oh she is an angel. Her medical conditions are lengthy and sad. She has a deformed back leg or a broken leg that was never set. Her back hip socket are like non existant and its a miraical she gets around like she does! Her knee cap is behind her she runs on 3 legs.... she was very skinny filled with worms and had a broken jaw and failing kidneys. When we picked her up from the Fort worth shelter we didn't think she would have long but she has made a miricale recovery and come back to life and fills my every day with joy. She has 4 teeth, 2 mollars and 2 front bottom teeth lol she is the cutest dog you will ever meet and she has blessed my life since having her. I wish i had 100 years with her.... awww my sweet LuLu 

Stanley 12yr old Malti-poo- We rescued Stink Stan from Dallas Aug 2016. I was riding on the back of the motorcyle with my husband coming from south dakota so had plenty of time to scroll the shleter list. I seen his near lifeless body coverd in matted gold curls and knew he needed us. As soon as we got home i gave my man a kiss and told him we needed to bring this kid home with us. These old dogs amaze me. At the shelter they brought him out and i could smell him before i even seen him. So he got the name StinkyStanley.He was literly lifeless in my arms in the parking lot. I took a picture of me holding him, his freedom picture, I looked at the picture and he was smiling. We cleaned Stan up, severly matted, green puss coated his eyes and ears. He is blind and has a tumor in his ear that always oozes, so he still has a funk but he's too old to sedate so it is what it is. no teeth but his heart sounds really good for an old man...He has also come back from the dead. This kid will not let me put him down, leave him, he barks at me, he pees on everything, he kicks his little legs after he pees like some stud lol You would never think it was the same kid we pulled from the shelter months ago. I can only hope he has years to live. I will be thankful for everyday we have with this old man, he is our heartbreaker :) 

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