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Paw Paw’s Dog House LLC




 Mansfield Paw Paw's Dog House

We are Located in Mansfield in an old Family Farm House that has been re-zoned to fit our commercial needs! 3300 Sqft climate controlled play rooms and 7 large Tree shaded play yards! Our property is surrounded by more property, large mature trees and a barn full of farm animals big and small! We absolutely Love it here and are so happy to call it Home for so many!  This place truly is perfect and magical and I personally couldn’t be happier to call this Place Paw Paw’s Dog House! 

We opened this place knowing that there had to be others, like us, who wanted more than a fancy, snobby dog spa, a scary traditional boarding facility or a busy vet’s office (where there are usually sick and hurt dogs...). There had to be others who were looking for a place that was comfortable, fun and happy and that would care for the fur-kids as if they were family and a place where your fur-baby wants to go!! Well, we are a facility that dedicates Attention and Time to each fur-kid giving them the Love and Care they are used to! We are a House, a Home dedicated to the DOGS. 

LOVE is STANDARD here, not an extra cost. We keep our groups small in order to keep the feel personal. Each room in this house has been redone for the dogs and still has a feel of home; couches, pictures, decorations, a crate here and there, pillows. The Kitchen, like in most homes, is the center of Paw Paw's and where you will find the true bosses of the house (the little dogs!)! This facility is built for the honest, for the dogs who WANT to be here!  Our team is family who care about the heart of this home! We promise to CARE and LOVE your babies (and spoil) while you are away! They will have a great time and might not want to go back home!


Our Senior Sanctuary!

Many of you don't know but as we have grown we have been able to home, rehome, adopt and  rescue an uncountable amount of amazing fur-babies. The profits from Paw Paw's Dog House goes to Feed, House, Vet and Care for nearly 20 kids (currently). Most of the fur-kids in our care are with us for life, a few adoptable under conditions. Some of these kids stay at Paw Paw's Dog House in cabins we had built for them and our most needy, the seniors, are at my home living their final years in the life of luxury :) I am happy to give every penny we earn to caring for dogs, it is my passion, it is my LIFE.  Your hard earned dollars are helping us to provide a fairy tail life for these kids, most who have been through unspeakable conditions. For this I want to sincerely THANK YOU for choosing Paw Paw's, without you we wouldn't be able to save these dogs! You can find more information about these kids under the tab Paw Paw's Sanctuary (under construction)

Mansfield Location

1561 Hwy 1187 (W. Debbie Lane)

Mansfield, Tx 76063


All Visits are by Appointment Only!

Hours of Operation

7 Days a Week

365 Days a Year

 7-9am & 4-6pm

We are always at Paw Paw's! No matter the Weather or the Holiday, we are there everyday until bedtime!


The Den

When Fur-kids aren’t playing outside you can find them in here snoozing on the couch, on some oversized floor pillows or in large floor kennels! When boarding you have the option to have this room or a large kennel in this room!

The Hall

It's just that until you close the gates :) This area is left open during appointment hours to allow dogs to come in and out but by day it turns into little dog play area and by night a large sleep area where a large dog could have a pillow or I can put some kennels for smaller kids.

The Kitchen

The Central Command Center! This room has access and can view all the other rooms and yards! The little dogs stay in here so we can keep them close to us (excuse the Great Dane every now and again) this is also the office :)

The Living Room

This is the daycare side of the house. After appointment hours, i can leave this door open for the kids to run in and outside as they want. At night Kennels are set up, pillows are set out and kids can either have the room(s) or large kennels


Dog Intensive Care Unit

This little room is very important other than for the obvious reason. We have had puppies born and raised in here, we have rehabilitated ACL repairs and like injuries that need to be kept calm and quiet and several surgical recoveries. This room has been helpful with my seniors so they have a calm place to lie down during appointment hours and watch out the window.

Pit Stop Lodging &

Private Yards

Quiet/ Isolated/ Private Yards

We use this converted garage for everything from Seniors who want to be away from the traffic of the main house, bigger dogs who need heartier cages to keep them, large families, large group of small dogs! There is central heat and air, couch, 3 very large and strong dog suites and 5- 20x20 tree covered yards!

  3 Tree Shaded Community Yards!


These are the 3 yards mostly used! There is plenty of plush grass to roll in, mud holes to dig in and room to Run and Romp! These yards are right off the back of the house.

The Dog House
Doggy Daycare
Dog Hotel
Pet Sitting