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All Inclusive Dog Hotel!

Dog Boarding & Sleepovers

"A Comfortable, Fun and Safe way to board your Fur-babies"


We want your fur-babies to be comfortable and to be happy here!  Here at Paw Paw’s we focus on the needs of your fur-kids. We have multiple boarding options that we can Customize to Fit your fur-kids Needs.

  We Don’t Charge Extra for what is a Standard at Paw Paw’s, Unlimited Love and Attention from family and Doggy Daycare is Included in Each Stay!

  No Extra Fee for Comfort, Fun, Tons of Love and Fantastic Care!

Each Fur-kid is asked to come to an evaluation day prior to them coming to stay overnight with us. The evaluation day is a trial day of how it will be when they come to board. They get to meet us, make friends get to know the place before having to stay over. At this time we can asses how they are with dogs, being away from home, how they are around us, how tired or sore some maybe if older and can let you know how we think they will do so you can worry less while you are away. It’s always best to stay somewhere familiar, practice makes perfect!

Ask about a Departure Bath! We play hard and we get dirty there is no doubt about it!

Non- Holiday Boarding Price

Evaluation Day $25/  Fur-Kid

 Full Play Boarding $35/ night/ fur-kid

Private Play & Stay $40/ night/ Fur-kid

Aunties Sanctuary $45-$60/ night/ furkid

Boarding Drop Off

7 Days a Week 7-9am ONLY

Boarding Pick Up

7 days a week 7-9am

Sunday-Friday 4-6pm (everyday but Sat.)

For additional daycare fees

Holiday Boarding Hours & Pricing!

Full Play Boarding $37/ night/ Fur-kid

Private Play and Stay $45/ night

Aunties (ask for availability)

(no discounts apply during holidays)

Memorial Day weekend  -2 night min

4th of July - 2 night min

Labor Day Weekend -2 night min

Thanksgiving (11/22- 11/27) 4 night min

Christmas (12/22-12/26) 4 night min.

New Years (12/30-1/1) 2 night min



Wake up Call 6am

Morning Play Time 7am

Breakfast 9am

Nap 12:30-2pm

Afternoon Play Time 3pm

Dinner at 6pm

Bed Time 8pm

Midnight Party Time

(Potty Time) 11pm


Clients that have been here since Jan 2018 follow the link blow to access your account to book Daycare & Boarding ( DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT IF YOU CANT FIND YOURS!! EMAIL US! WE'LL FIND YOU!!!)

If you are interested in setting up an Evaluation day for future daycare or boarding needs please follow the link below to create you account and request your dates.

New Clients please feel free to email s more information about your fur-babe and your their needs so we can best accommodate you!

It’s Absolutely Best to Call Us/ Email Us! 

Ask us a million questions and voice any concerns you have. Tell us everything about your Fur-kids and their needs!

(forgive our customer service skills, we take care of your babies and return phone calls and do computer work, when they give us a moment, sometimes its late, so email is great)

All boarding clients must attend at least 1 day of daycare/ evaluation day within 6 months of  stay.

Would you like more information about Boarding?

Fill out the Contact Information below

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Let’s Talk About You and Your Fur-Kid’s Needs and make you an Appointment for an Evaluation!

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Facility Tours & Evaluation Day’s


Unfortunately we do not offer a facility tours outside of your Evaluation Day appointment. For the Safety and COMFORT of the fur-kids staying with us we limit people coming and going, the front door opening and closing. Like a home, when the door bell rings, someone knocks, when strangers come to the door it excites the dogs, now multiply that time 30 dogs.... now explain to all the kids that it isn't their momma at the door..... appointments are limited for the sake of your babies! It's our job to keep them happy and safe. We can only do this by keeping the place calm.  We schedule Evaluation Days Monday-Friday; drop off 7-9am and pick up 4-6pm. This is when most of the kids are outside so it's easy to bring you in. Evaluations are $22/ fur kid. Every fur-kid’s first day is called their Evaluation Day. The morning of the evaluation we will gladly show you around the place as long as we don't have a kid in the room and most of the kids are outside (why you ask, well, the kids staying with us treat Paw Paw's as home and could be protective of home or us, we don't put our fur-clients in a situation to get in trouble, you'll respect this when it's your kid we are protecting from people who just want to see) During the evaluation day we get a chance to see how your kid is with other fur-kids, how they are going to handle being away from home, how they will tolerate meeting new people and see how tired or sore they will be from a day of play. We want everyone, regardless of socialization preferences, to be familiar and comfortable. We can’t make this happen and assure your pets comfort until we meet them. We never want to find out too late that your fur-kid is unhappy and uncomfortable.  This play day is set up to keep everyone safe,happy and comfortable  

So, we apologize, we Do Not accept Walk-ins.


Additional Services

Dirty Dog Bath $15- $25

Nail Trim $10

Brush Out and Perfume $8-$10

Treat Pack $5

Gourmet Meals

Homemade Snacks & Treats

1hr of ‘Ware Your Butt Out’ Tennis Ball Retrieving $10

Transport To/From Starts at $10

Mini Photo Shoot by ‘Moments’ Photography $35

Field Trips to Bank, Home Depot

Morning Runs & Walks

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