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"Doggy Daycare"

We are Not Prejudice, All Breeds, Age and Sizes Welcome!!!

Do You Work Long Hours?

Is your schedule too busy to allow you to give your Fur-kids the exercise and attention they need?

Is your Fur-kid tearing up th house, acting out?

Do you have an old fur-kid who you can't stomach to leave alone at home all day?

Do you want your Fur-kids to spend the day playing and lying around with their K-9 friends?

Do you want to come home to a happy and exhausted Fur-kid?

Do you want your Fur-baby to be well socialized with other fur-kids?



What is Doggy Daycare?

Drop you Fur-Kid off for a full day of doing whatever a dog would want to do! We play hard, we get dirty, we romp in the mud, play in the pools, roll in the grass, and bathe in the sun. We are dogs and do what dogs love to do! Run, Play, Sleep and Sun Bathe!

No one likes leaving their fur kids at home to watch TV and entertain themselves while you spend long hours at work. After a long day playing and working here with us we can assure you your kids will be exhausted, dirty and ready for dinner and bed!!

(Departure baths are available for additional cost)

We offer the fur-kids full run of the dog house! 3 large play rooms 7 tree shaded play yards! The Look and Feel of Home! Daycare is great for most dogs, big and small, young and old. Daycare provides your fur-kid with great exercise, socialization and tons of Spoiling from me, Aunty!

We have a program here to suit most family’s needs! Just call and let us know your needs and concerns!

We can do everything from babysit that aging family fur member to exhaust that rambunctious puppy!

Requirements for eligibility in Doggy Daycare

Fur-kids must be dog friendly.

Is Healthy and pain free.

No history of digging out of yards or jumping chain or wood fences.

No history of human aggression. (No dogs trained for personal protection)

Must be Spayed or Neutered over the age of 6 months.

No Fresh vaccinations within 72 hrs of visiting our facility.


Monday- Friday

Drop off 7-9am Pick Up 4-6pm

Daycare Services are Limited around holidays

(Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas &New Years)

Upcoming Holiday Notice

Daycare Closed for Holiday

Nov. 19- 23 Dec 21-26 Dec 31- Jan 1

All Visits are BY APPOINTMENT Only! 

Clients that have visited us since Jan 2018 click the link bleow to book your Daycare!

We are a boarding facility that offers daycare to our boarders and allow daycare to those who don't stay the night by appointment. Meaning if we are booked with boarders we will not have daycare available for non-boarders at that time. This isn't an often occurrence, usually around holidays.

If MISD is closed due to weather or holiday we will not have daycare appointments available. We will not offer daycare when it is hotter then 99 degrees outside for the safety of your fur-kids!

Facility Tours & Evaluation Day’s


Unfortunately we do not offer a facility tours outside of your Evaluation Day appointment. For the Safety and COMFORT of the fur-kids staying with us we limit people coming and going, the front door opening and closing. Like a home, when the door bell rings, someone knocks, when strangers come to the door it excites the dogs, now multiply that time 30 dogs.... now explain to all the kids that it isn't their momma at the door..... appointments are limited for the sake of your babies! It's our job to keep them happy and safe. We can only do this by keeping the place calm.  We schedule Evaluation Days Monday-Friday; drop off 7-9am and pick up 4-6pm. This is when most of the kids are outside so it's easy to bring you in. Evaluations are $22/ fur kid. Every fur-kid’s first day is called their Evaluation Day. The morning of the evaluation we will gladly show you around the place as long as we don't have a kid in the room and most of the kids are outside (why you ask, well, the kids staying with us treat Paw Paw's as home and could be protective of home or us, we don't put our fur-clients in a situation to get in trouble, you'll respect this when it's your kid we are protecting from people who just want to see) During the evaluation day we get a chance to see how your kid is with other fur-kids, how they are going to handle being away from home, how they will tolerate meeting new people and see how tired or sore they will be from a day of play. We want everyone, regardless of socialization preferences, to be familiar and comfortable. We can’t make this happen and assure your pets comfort until we meet them. We never want to find out too late that your fur-kid is unhappy and uncomfortable.  This play day is set up to keep everyone safe,happy and comfortable 


How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the Contact information below. 

 Call Us!

(Sometimes the forms don't make it to my email so call)

Let’s Talk About You and Your Fur-Kid’s Needs and Make You an Appointment for an Evaluation Day!

Set up Online Account and Sign all Forms

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  What’s the Cost?

Evaluation Day $25

5 Day Pass for $110

(you have 60 days to schedule 5 play days before it expires)

1 Day Pass is $27

All Play Days are by Appointment. We typically only need 1 day in advance notice! Contact us for an appointment by booking onlinefrom your personal account (copy and past Link)

 Additional Services Offered

Dirty Dog Bath $15- $25

Nail Trim $10

Brush Out and Perfume $8-$10

Treat Pack $5

1hr of ‘Ware Your Butt Out’ Tennis Ball Retrieving $10

Transport To/From Starts at $10

'Moments' Mini Photo Session $30

Locked Door Policy!

We are a family owned and operated facility. For the protection of our Staff, Family & Clients all inquiries are by appointment.  All Exterior exits from the facility are always LOCKED unless a Staff Member is at the point of entrance/exit. We did not spare room for a fancy lobby when we can use all the room we can to accommodate our fur-kids, which is something we felt our parents would appreciate. We do not allow potential or perspective clients in without an appointment, some get upset and are turned off by this while others who understand it appreciate the extra effort we take to ensure the safety of the fur-kids inside. Opening the door, people coming and going excite the kids and make it difficult to keep the kids calm and stress free. You will see on your Evaluation Day the fur-kids run the shop!

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